Monday, November 27, 2017

Mia 3-11 months!

3 months

6 months Happy 1/2 Birthday!

7 months!

9 months!

11 months!

Mia turns ONE! 10/21/2017

I am officially the worst at updating this blog. I literally just posted months 3-11 all in one post because I forgot that many times...... at least it's making it here at some point right?

Our baby girl turned 1, how in the world is she already one?! I feel like this last year has just flown by. As of now, she is walking, loves saying "uh-oh" she LOVES playing with her brother and wishes she could keep up with him. Mia pretty much takes after her brother too, she never sits still anymore unless she is eating or sleeping. She has been such a blessing in our family and we are so grateful for her everyday.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

12.21.2016 2 months old!

In all the craziness that has been the holidays I haven't gotten around to posting her 2 month old pictures. Sweet Princess Mia has gotten so big! (well preemie big). She actually stays awake for periods of time now and loves checking out the world around her. She sleeps through all kinds of noises though {thanks to her brother and the new puppy}. Mia has gotten pretty good at lifting her head up and loves doing that a lot actually. Seriously she is the cutest little girl!

She weighs 7.5 pounds {tiny still right? but much bigger than when she first came home}
And she is 20.5 inches long.

Mia loves to just stare at everything (specifically mom and dad), she isn't a fan of tummy time, but that's no surprise. She loves to lay on her back though and kick her arms and legs.

And this beautiful blanket that she also loves was made by Grandma Dawn, thanks for the blanket Grandma Dawn! 

She kinda looks like she could be getting ready for some karate in these pictures lol

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

11.21.2016 1 month old!

Princess Mia turned 1 month old a week and a half ago. It doesn't feel like she's that old since she's only been home with us for a few weeks now and she's still smaller than what most newborns are at birth.When she left the NICU she weighed 4 pounds and 13 ounces and at her "newborn" appointment we had this Monday, she weighed 5 pounds and 11 ounces! She's almost gained a whole pound in the 3 weeks she has been home. {PS taking pictures of her is a lot harder than Beckham and he won't sit still} she just didn't want to cooperate. She stays awake for longer periods of time and has pretty strong neck muscles for being still 3 weeks from her original due date. I kinda figured she would be just a blob for a few months until she got to be full term. But she loves holding her head up and checking the world out. {at least our apartment since she's not really allowed outside much or around too many people because of rsv season.} She mostly wears preemie clothes but she is finally starting to fit into her newborn outfits! Isn't she just the cutest?! #ilovemybabies #familyof4

Welcome to the World Baby Girl!

Again, I know this is about a month old but you'll just have to be okay with it haha.

Introducing Mia Alexandria Roberts! She was born 8 weeks and 1 day early, I guess she just decided to take after her mama. 

Birth Story: I spent a week in the hospital the week before she was born because I had full placenta previa, and it can cause bleeding (which I had) so they wanted to monitor me and hopefully keep her in until at least 32 weeks but preferably until 36. So I was on bed rest, and bored out of my mind. after 4 days of being in the hospital, my Dr had decided that I was doing really well (bleeding stopped) and that because we only lived 2 minutes away he let me go home, but still had to be on bed rest. So I went home Sunday afternoon, and by Friday  I was feeling pretty confident that she would stay inside at least until Sunday because usually if babies are born before 32 weeks they have to go to the hospital in Idaho Falls. FALSE. (use Dwight K. Shrute's voice) 

I was hanging out at home Friday afternoon with Averie and Travis (Wyatt had left for work only a few hours earlier). And I coughed and then felt like I needed to pee. Nope not pee, more blood again. Fortunately Travis was hanging out with us for the day because he rushed me to the hospital. I called Wyatt once I got there (he works 30 minutes away) and told him what was going on. He told me to let him know if I was just being observed again or what once I talked to the Dr. Well Dr Meredith walks in assessed everything and within less than a minute of being in the room said "this baby is coming today we will meet you down in the operation room" so I called Wyatt back and told him to get here as soon as he could. I got prepped for a c-section and ended up being put under anesthesia because there was not time to wait for whatever they normally use for c-sections to kick in. The whole time I was being prepped and wheeled into the operation room I was freaking out! I was unsure of how my baby was doing, I had never had a c-section before. Wyatt wasn't there and she wasn't supposed to be here until December! And then I passed out from the anesthesia.

Next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room and the nurse went to go get Wyatt, who had just barely gotten there himself. Wyatt went down to the NICU to see our daughter, I couldn't go yet, because the anesthesia hadn't worn off. I told Wyatt to take lots of pictures for me. We still hadn't decided on a name for her yet, but he gave her a blessing while he was with her and the name that came out of his mouth was Mia Alexandria Roberts. He told me that after he came back, and if it came to him during a blessing then it came from God. Plus it was a super cute name so I was okay with it. 

She weighed 4 pounds and 1 ounce at birth and was 17 and 3/4 inches long. And she was so beautiful! We love our little girl and she already has daddy wrapped right around her little finger! Beckham just loves her and loves getting to hold her or just stare at her.

She spent 25 longs days in the nicu, but since she was only a 2 minute drive away we went and saw her every day. She's home now and doing great!


18 months! 10.13.2016

I realize this is a month and a half late, but when Beckham actually turned 18 months I was under observation in the hospital because of baby Mia and my placenta previa. Sooo here we go!

Beckham is getting so BIG! He weighs 23 pounds and, if I remember correctly, he is about 37 inches long? Though that number might not be accurate, like I said his 18 month appointment was a month ago. He is definitely my wild child, but we love our Beckham so much! 

Words he can say:
bebe (baby, while pointing at baby sister) 
bubble (only he pronounces it buh-boo and it's so much cuter than the actual word bubble)
bah (ball)
uice (juice)
oosh (shoe)
rio (because we watch the Rio 1&2 movies basically everyday in this house)
gaga (grandpa)
mima (which he sometimes confuses with mama) 
lease (please)
de do (thank you)

And his main form of communication is pointing to what he wants and clapping when we figure out what he wants or you know, crying if he wants something he can't have and we say no. 

He LOVES kicking his soccer ball, or any ball really, around the house. He has figured out how to climb up and over the baby gate blocking the stairs and loves being able to do that. (me not so much)

And one of his most favorite things to do is hold his baby sister Mia, he loves her so much and is always trying to share things with her.

 PS his feet aren't really this big it's just the angle of the camera lol

 Did I mention this kid LOVES bubbles? He would play with them all day if we had the lung capacity. Too bad he broke his bubble machine over the summer :(
 Look at his adorable kissy face! He loves giving kisses to me & Wyatt and especially baby Mia.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Auntie Chuck's Homecoming!!!!

Beckham and I flew out to California for 2 weeks to spend time with family, since Auntie Chuck was coming home from her mission. It was so much fun I'm so glad we got to be there! We did so many things in those two weeks. Beckham loved getting to play with his cousins and follow them around everywhere. Or really try to follow them but he had a hard time keeping up with them. They are more experienced walkers than him, at least back in March he couldn't keep up, maybe now he could.
 First time on an airplane, wasn't as bad for him as I feared it would. 
He got a tiny bit fussy, but sit him next to a window and he did alright.
 Grandpa and Mima did a lot of work to prep for all the grandkids coming. Beckham LOVED the ballpit.

 The moment we waited 18 months for!

 "Chuck, give him some brownie and you'll be his favorite person!"
It definitely worked.

 How many people does it take to put Beckham's shoes on him?

 And then we went to John's Incredible Pizza, this kid was way overstimulated by all the lights and sounds and people but he had a blast! He especially loved the little alligator ride, it was his size.

 I won the Jackpot on one of the games, right as we were leaving, needless to say were there for at least another 30 minutes waiting for the tickets to spit out. And then we had to get prizes for all those tickets. I was the favorite among the kids and least favorite among the adults wanting to leave.
 This is Beckham and Zoe, they are 6 months apart, but Beckham is clearly a shortie, with a large head.